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magazine showed thousands of globe trotters called new york america's dirtiest city. the big apple was the loudest and rudest urban environment. naturally we sent the dirtiest and rudest correspondent to get the scoop from some tourists. >> new york has been voted the rudest, loudest and dirtiest city in america by travel and leisure magazine. do you agree with that statement? >> we have been there for two days and it is okay. it is cleaner than paris. >> you are originally from paris? >> no. talose. it is cleaner than paris and talose. >> oh, hola. >> spanish. >> exactly. >> what is something else you have seen in this otherwise dirty city some. >> subways. >> what was the bad thing on the subway? >> you have a lot of homeless people living on the subway. >> that's where i live. >> locals or tourists, who is more messy? >> locals maybe. >> trick question, are you yourself from new york? >> originally. >> you were born here 1234 purell 1234* nice to meet you. where are you from? >> germany. >> germans are very clean, i know that. >> can you hold this for a second? >> carl cameron,
? the new york city marathon will continue as planned even though some are calling for it to be canceled or postponed. critics argue the thousands of volunteers who work the event could be helping the city recurve from the storm. also as an on-line paw -- petition, love those, police should not be termed -- you know what we should do? let's discuss this in the -- >> lightning rooooouuuunnnddd of the lightning round. >> jim, you are quite the athlete. >> so i am told. >> why do we even need the marathon -- ever? what does it disturb? >> i ran the mare marathon in 1993. >> no you didn't. >> in 1993 you ate a marathon bar. >> no, i think it is silly. bloomburg says it keeps them sim law lated. >> nothing to see here, folks, move right along. i have nothing. >> you raised a point. what are the small businesses some? >> >> marathon shoes and picture. >> they have one day where they make a profit. joe, will there ever be a story where we call great call mayor bloomburg. >> jng this is a nice -- >> you reanswered the question. >> i went for the dumb joke first. >> i can see it bouncing back. if
was arrested for throwing punches in a new york city nightclub. i am starting to think she is trouble. the gals were seated next to each other and started exchanging work with the "liz and dick" actress saying something like give me my space. that's silly because nobody uses that website. she punched her adversary who went and called the cops. nobody loix a tattle tale. another lilo legal whoas, santa monica police confirm she will be charged in connection with a june crash on a california highway in which her porche hit a dump truck. let's discuss in the -- >> lightning round. >> you don't even let me do it no more. you ruin it. >> lohan's attorney has said that the girl is accusing her, lohan, is trying to get her 15 minutes of fame. celebs like you and i we know that is possible. >> people get out of pocket and don't think because they see you on tv you won't smash them. i won't come down on lyndsay because i punched a lot of person's faces in nightclubs and i will continue to do so. believe it. >> charles, you follow lohan's career religiously. >> absolutely. >> any advice for her? >> she h
, is back-up is that he said, look at the looting in new york. that is just a preview. considering what we've gone through the looting has been pretty minimal but he would never known that because he never been to the city. i would like to invite him and meet him on corner of 125th and malcolm x boulevard and have a lovely peaceful time. join me, won't you? >> there are people on the left and on the right that are talking about like an ending after this election, this is what happens. child doesn't get his first birthday. people get very emotional and life goes on. >> exactly. there will be hard feelings, but there won't be kind of like l.a. riot type violence. >> if only there was a guy, the kind of outrage that erupts when you get upset somebody named greg gutfeld. >> what does ignite do? >> he runs a talk show. >> you wouldn't be german, would you? >> no, i'm dutch. i've made a few in my time. i have a video of your animal doing something strange. go to"redeye". and vevy is coming up. >> we're sponsored by elvis. american cultural icon often to be considered the most influe
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)